About us

With a feeling for details since 1955

Continuous improvement is a never-ending journey, but an obvious one if you ask Mönsterås Metall.

Mönsterås Metall have great experience and competence in aluminum casting and machining of the casted material, why we also choose to call us specialists within these topics. We also help with surface treatment and mounting. For decades, we have worked after the principles of lean, which creates a wide engagement and a continous improvement processs.

With the customer in focus

We always have full focus on our customers needs This is Mönsterås Metall’s highest priority. We are listing on wishes – everything from product idea to complete component – and we help with cost-efficient solutions. Mönsterås Metall deliver to the most industries and are supplier to both small business to large, internationally recognised brands. Our long experience together with a stable economy makes us to a safe partner. We are using several solution for ordet management, like EDI, VMI etc., depending on what you need.

New opportunities

Since 2019, we are part of a new company group, which has given us bigger and wider opportunities to help our customers. We have broaden our competence and experience, and effectivised our processes on a whole new level. Our sister company is called Gjuteribolaget i Bredaryd AB.

Our casting methods

We offer competence-driven aluminum casting through a great variety of different casting methods to customers in Sweden and globally.

Environment & quality

Mönsterås Metall have a great focus on developing its environmental and quality work on n on-going bases. We are certified according to ISO 9001-14001.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our company, our processes or what we can offer you, please contact us.