Continual development from concept to finished product.

We can help you with:

  • a great variety of casting methods.
  • machining and quality assurance.
  • project management for cost-effecient end product.

You specialist since 1955.

Mönsterås metall are specialists in casting and machining of aluminium products. We also provide finishing and assembly work.

Having begun in 1955 with sand casting, Mönsterås Metall is a family business, now in its second generation. In the early ’60s, we expanded into die casting and machining and then began high pressure die casting in the 70s.

We hold ISO9001-14001 certification from DNV.

Our casting methods

Contact us to discuss your project, and we will guide you through the different methods.

Sand Casting

The original casting method, known for thousands of years, by which a mould is made of sand.

Die Casting

A casting method in which we use a permanent steel mould, i.e. the same mould is used all the time.

High Pressure Die Casting

High pressure die casting is used for items that require precision, and which are to be manufactured in large quantities (from a few hundred to several thousand per year).

Plaster Casting

This method is appropriate for short series, thin-walled items and where there is a requirement for high precision.


We machine most of the castings we produce in our modern machine shop. Using modern NC machinery, measuring, leak testing, assembly and packing is the norm for us. Our close cooperation with surface treatment workshops and subcontracted assemblers means we can deliver directly to the customer’s assembly line.


We have well-defined quality assurance procedures in which radiography, penetrant testing, leak testing, impregnating, material analysis and verification using CMMs are fundamental elements of our production process.

We are professionals at what we do - contact us!

Mönsterås Metall have worked with different ways of casting since 1955, so we know what we are doing. On our website, you can read more about the different casting methods we offer to you as a customer. If you have any questions about which method to us given your specifications, plase contact us and our experts will help you out.